Saturday, June 7, 2008

My Kindle Experience

Well, I finally got to use an Amazon Kindle. I read a lot on my Treo using eReader, so that probably affected my experience to some degree.

Things I don't like:
  • the flash as a new page loads
  • location of next page/previous page buttons. This made it hard to hold without turning the page. Also, I kept expecting the left-hand next page button to be previous page.
  • the text was justified, resulting in bad rivers—I saw one line consisting of only three words!
  • I didn't see a way to change the font (but you can change the size)
  • no backlighting. I know most people see this as a plus, but my experience was that I seemed to have a hard time finding the right lighting to make reading on it comfortable.
  • the navigation seemed weird. I never really felt like I had a handle on the organization of it: I ended up using the home button to just go back and start from the beginning.
Things I like:
  • shopping. It's so easy to buy books/subscriptions that I could see getting myself in big trouble with this thing! In a few clicks you are at the Kindle store and once you choose a title it is sent to your Kindle in minutes (or less). With most ebooks you have to buy them online, download them your computer, and then transfer them to your ebook device.
  • the dictionary feature was very handy
  • waking up in the morning knowing that the day's NYT was already there waiting for me (and that I could reach it without getting out of bed!)

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