Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Before, during, and after

I finally used my Tarn-X and I have to say, it worked pretty well. It was especially impressive when I just dunked the silver item in the Tarn-X—much like the old commercial. On the downside, it smells terrible. Sort of like perms used to smell. Also, apparently you're supposed to be careful with this stuff.
CAUTION: Contains thiourea, sulfuric acid, corrosion inhibitors, and detergent. AVOID CONTACT WITH SKIN AND EYES.
WARNING: This product contains thiourea, a chemical known to the state of California to cause cancer.
Holy crap. Silly me, I thought the sulfuric acid sounded scary. I guess they meant it when they advised me to wear gloves. Oops.


  1. At least if you stay out of California, you won't get cancer.

  2. Good point! Finally all this good, clean, Nebraska living is paying off!

  3. You should be careful!