Sunday, April 13, 2008

I'm about to make a childhood dream come true

I was obsessed with this commercial when I was a little kid and I begged my mom to buy some Tarn-x. She just said no and looked confused. But today I purchased some for myself! I have high hopes.

I was also obsessed with a certain Contac Cold Medicine commercial back in the 1970s. The one where they break open a capsule and the little medicine balls fall out in slo-mo. This isn't the same commercial, but watch the right side of the screen and you can get a sense of how mesmerizing the original was.

I was maybe a little odd as a child.


  1. I was obsessed with the Gravy Train dog food commercial that had the tiny horse-drawn covered wagon galloping through the kitchen.

  2. Ooooooh--me too! I begged my mom to buy Gravy Train--and we didn't even have a dog at that time!

  3. I liked both commercials, contact and the tarnish stuff. I think my mom warned me that both substances were dangerous and would probably kill me or burn a hand off if I came in contact with them.