Monday, April 6, 2009

Update: David Sedaris Book Signing

I stopped by the University Bookstore the other day to pick up the new Laura Lippman (success!), The Cloud Atlas (still on order; showed up the next day—of course), and the Dooce book (on order). While there, I cornered Steph and made her tell me more about the June 20th David Sedaris event:
  • First, I made her look me in the eye and swear she was telling the truth. I now believe her.
  • She said that she scored this event partially because of a previous, very successful Harry Potter event.
  • No photos will be allowed.
  • Sedaris often likes to spend a couple of hours at the store before the event, so get there early!
  • So far, I can't get her to promise a front-row seat for me. Come on, Steph—don't make me beg. But! Maybe I can hand books to him while he's signing (I've already started practicing).

1 comment:

  1. Is there a time on it? I MUST see him! What do I have to do to sit near him as well?!