Wednesday, October 1, 2008

DonorsChoose Blog Challege 2008

From Fortune:
Here’s how it works: teachers register with the site and upload projects they want sponsored. Recent examples include podcast equipment for a high school journalism class in Newton, Kan. ($582 needed), basic art supplies like paint and magic markers for a fourth-grade class in Brooklyn ($370), and a bass guitar for an after-school music program in Los Angeles ($723). DonorsChoose acts as the middle man, purchasing the materials and shipping them and a disposable camera to the teachers who made the requests. (Donors later receive thank-you notes from the students along with photos.)
It starts today. Finslippy is in. So is boingboing.

We couldn't forget last year's winner, Sars over at Tomato Nation. Keep an eye on the TN blog for updates.

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