Friday, March 7, 2008

"Attention, all you memoir fabulists!"

From Salon:

In response to public outcry, Erewhon Publishing has instituted a stringent new "cards on the table" policy. In the future, every memoirist will be required to provide evidence of his or her dysfunction: arrest records, needle tracks, urine and stool samples—and in the case of Martin Amis, dental bills.

Scary relatives must provide DNA evidence of kinship. Wish-fulfillment detectors will be distributed to editors on an as-needed basis. In the meantime, Erewhon Publishing has instituted a comprehensive fact checking of our back catalog.

The article goes on to describe "troubling inconsistencies" in the Bible, The Adventures of Buffalo Bill Cody, The Diary of Anne Frank, and others.

(Thanks, Courtney)

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  1. You know, in Black Beauty, Mr. Beauty never mentions having been gelded. And yet we're to believe he behaved in a wholesome, respectful manner every time he was turned out with Ginger? Yeah, right.