Sunday, February 10, 2008

Ted Kooser's "Valentines"

Last night was the "Valentines" event at the Rococo Theater (oh excuse me, I mean Theatre). Man, I love that place. I would apologize for all of my photos being so dark, but I'm not sorry. In fact, we were all thrilled that they kept the lights down low for the event. It was a lovely evening and a good excuse to get dressed up for a change. (click on the images for bigger ones)

In the introduction, Ted says:

I hope you have fun with these poems. I suppose some of them have a little literary merit but, really, they were written with pleasure and meant for the reader's fun. I hope you enjoy the reading half as much as I enjoyed the writing, the licking of stamps, and the addressing to all those women who were willing to tolerate my foolishness.

The books themselves were beautifully designed by UNP's Andrea Shahan.

That's Debra Winger on the left and Ted on the right. Ms. Winger also read a really wonderful excerpt from her forthcoming book, Undiscovered.

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