Monday, February 4, 2008


I buy and read ebooks on my Palm Treo using the eReader free version. I also still buy a lot of real books. A few years ago I realized that I needed to start being a little more choosy about which books I keep. As a result, I decided that I would try to buy the mysteries I read in mass market paperback whenever possible and that I wouldn't keep them (I generally don't keep paperbacks at all any more. Well, that's my rule but I make a lot of exceptions).

Now I just buy them as ebooks and read them on my phone.
  • I always have a book with me
  • no extra "thing" to carry because it's in my phone which I'd have with me anyway
  • no book to get rid of afterward
  • they're cheaper
Many people say that they wouldn't be able to read a whole book on the tiny screen, but it doesn't bother me at all. One nice feature is that you can adjust the font style and size to your liking.


  1. Jana

    I am re-reading Dispatches. Have you read this book by Michael Herr? It is probably the best book about men and war in our time.

    Herr was a correspondent in the 1960's, filing "dispatches" from Vietnam while paling around with then-photographer Sean Flynn (yes, son of Errol).

    The book is widely considered the greatest literature to emerge from that hellish war.

    Thought a lover of books would appreciate the recommendation.

    I've got an extra copy if you send me your address on MyManagersNetwork.

    Mark Ragan
    Ragan Communications

    P.S. Love your new blog

  2. Hi Mark
    That books sounds interesting. My dad was in Vietnam when I was born. He didn't see me until I was about 8 mos. old. I think I'll take you up on your offer--I'll send you my address through MyManagersNetwork.


  3. Hi Jana:
    I just ran across your post on reading ebooks on your Treo. I too, read ebooks on my Treo. I also have an (old now) ebook reader called REB 1200 manufactured by RCA/Thompson and sold by ebook Technologies (now) and originally Gemstar.

    I have almost stopped buying pbook novels entirely, opting instead to purchase ebooks online and convert them for use on my readers. Other more graphic oriented books still have to be purchased in regular format because the screen doesn't do them justice.

    The Treo worked well when I was out and had time to kill. But, for reading in bed I prefer the REB 1200. It has the larger screen and a color lcd. Its drawbacks are that it is relatively heavy and the conversion of text sometimes comes up with a font that isn't the best for the screen. It's likely that I am doing something wrong in the conversion process.

    I have recently switched to an Apple iPhone. The screen and web access are far superior to any other pda. But, I was really upset that an ebook reader wasn't included. Luckily, many good programmers were also unhappy about that and created a work-around. The only way to use a non-apple program is to access a web based program.

    I use to convert text files that I own into a format that they store online. I was concerned that the online access would not work well, but, I have been very happy with the process. Apple's internet access far exceeds what I was able to get on the Treo or on Windows Mobile.

    I feel that reading on the iPhone works really well. I am hoping that Mobipocket is able to get an ebook reader for the iPhone now that Apple has opened up the platform.

    Bret Drager